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The most down to earth experience in water activities on Roatan Island, making sure you enjoy every moment spent. Allow us to share with you, what we have to offer such as - Swim snorkel or dive along one of the longest most attractive reef world wide - sink your feet in the warm white sand while gazing into a romantic sunset - enjoy boat rides around the islands, such as cayos cochino Pigeon key Or along mangroves on the east end of the island Also, paddle boards, jetski, and much more

We promise you will live some of the most satisfying and unforgettable experiences of a life time

°Booking 2 Person Minimum Per Party °Timming Optional °Cruise Shippers will be taken back to cruise ship 1 hour prior to departure time °TAX NOT INCLUDED, 19% tax will be added to any tour experience °Prices are subject to changes °There are 2 Cruise Ship docks on the island °Mahogany Bay with only 3Mts walk to the pick up spot °Roatan Town Center with only 1 to 2 Mts walk to GATE 1 pick up spot by our staff

Discover Roatan's Extreme Fun with our water activities and explore wildlife on land and at sea with a tour that combines animal watching, snorkeling and so much more. Visit monkeys, sloths, dolphins, parrots at many of our animal sanctuaries, then take snorkeling gear to explore the island's beautiful coral reefs. Underwater you could see anything from bright parrotfish to swaying sea feathers of all colors.
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Gregory Holland, an extroverted, down to earth local entrepreneur is waiting to share years of experience with you to make your trip an unforgettable one! Enjoy snorkeling, diving, boat trips, jet skis and so much more! Come enjoy our great variety of water activities and tour adventures.

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Roatan was discovered in 1502 by Christopher Columbus, during his 4th voage. The Bay Islands of Honduras still keeps its primitive quintessence with great resorts that assure you and your group an extraordinary vacation in the Caribbean.

Roatan is a true tropical island with steeply sloping jungle covered hills, long stretches of sandy beaches and beautiful fringing coral reefs.The island is 35 miles ( 58Kms ) long and an average of three miles wide, it lies 40 miles ( 66Kms ) off the north coast of Honduras. With many deep water inlets called ‘Bights’ it has been a safe haven for sailors for centuries.

Home originally to the Paya indians the island has passed from country to country during the conquest of the Americas in the 16th century and fought over by the British and Spanish crowns for possession of the hard woods both on the island and mainland. Roatan played a colorful roll during the pirates of the Caribbean era. This island became the stronghold of Henry Morgan who ravaged and plundered the Spanish Main

There were an estimated 5,000 pirates on Roatan during its heyday. Contrary to modern depictions the pirates were well disciplined and organized, able to build sophisticated fortifications for the defense of the island, so much so that it was not until the 1740’s that a combined Spanish army and naval offensive could rid the island of the scourge of the Caribbean.